Fly Away

QUARK-Fly Away
Album— Fly Away
Release date : Jan. 01, 1997
Label : Self-Production.
Executive producer : Quark
Produced by : Fitrzyk M.
Recorded at : Paris
Mixed at : Paris Uboat
Cover Art Work : Quark
Band Photos : Quark

  1. -Runaway
  2. -Africa
  3. -The Wind
  4. -Precious Time
  5. -Desert's Song
  6. -Search A Man
  7. -Little Black Bird
  8. -The Last

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These frenchmen sent us a well-groomed autoproduction. "Fly Away" offers us a series of atmospheres built on Prog metal foundations.


Invictus Band

Its style is rather simple in respect to what we know in the genre, although it never gets common. Soundwise, the comparison with Enchant or Spock's Beard comes forward, although the group sounds much heavier live than on album (according to the biography). Right, one can easily tell that the guitarist is born to be on stage rather than on album … There's some Van Halen ("Remember") and Malmsteen in the air … And it doesn't go unnoticed. The vocals often bring Red Hot Chili Peppers to mind, as much in the timbre as in the way to handle the phrases. It's astonishing, for that matter, to establish that such a timbre is fully compatible with QUARK7's music. In the end, we only expect one more thing from them : more stirring songs or why not ...a hit! Only then will we be able to state that US Prog Metal found a worthy opponent in France …


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