Once Upon A Crime

INVICTUS-Once Upon A Crime
Album— Once Upon A Crime
Release date : Dec. 12, 2000
Label : Self-Production.
Executive producer : Fitrzyk-Acard-Glo-Wullen
Produced by : Fitrzyk M.
Second engineer : Lemaitre J-C
Recorded at : Quark Studio
Mixed at : Mama's Studio by Lecreux Guillaume
Mastering by : Lecreux Guillaume
Cover Art Work : Quark
Band Photos : Quark

  1. -Conundrum
  2. -Bleeding Hearts
  3. -Will To Live
  4. -Remember
  5. -Angel To Come
  6. -Rage Part one
  7. -Rage Part Two
  8. -Mystery
  9. -Overture
  10. -The Soldier
  11. -Color Of Crime
  12. -Fire Part One
  13. -Fire Part Two
  14. -Destiny's Dream

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QUARK stands for nothing as a word to me, and for many others too I think. But when you put "the band" in front of the word it immediatley means quality too me from now on.


Invictus Band

With influences and sounds from Dream Theater, Enchant and similar progressive metal acts. But also standard rock orientations which really bring melodies forward in their music. The first tune "Conundrum" has it all, all that QUARK is about. Great composition for a start but also great vocals, This is for sure one of my favorites of the album as well as both parts of "Rage" but also the calmer "Angel to Come" where vocalist Frederic Glo shines big time. His technique when it comes to singing is very much alike James LaBrie , I guess but I hear mostly a common voice within Glo with the difference that he´s very secure when it comes to finding the notes. A great album to introduce the listener to QUARK music, but also to introduce the band for the labels.


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