Album— Persecution
Release date : April. 16, 2009
Label : Escape Music (GB)
Executive producer : Fitrzyk-Acard-Glo-Wullen
Produced by : Fitrzyk Mikael and Chesneau Didier
Recorded at : Quark Studio
Mixed at : Melody Studio by Chesneau Didier
Cover Art Work : Tom Wasilewski
Band Photos : Roques Andre

  1. - Face To Face (Part I)
  2. - Kill The Dogs
  3. - Silence Of Death
  4. - Agony Of War
  5. - Spiral
  6. - Face To Face (Part II)
  7. - Face To Face (Part III)
  8. - The Eclipse Of The World
  9. - See You Back
  10. - Demons
  11. - Rosy Rose
  12. - The Angels (Bonus Live)

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One moment, with first track 'Face To Face (Part I)' as a prime example, they sound like Muse performing a Black Sabbath track in a church hall. Next moment (literally) they head down rue de la power metal. 'Kill The Dogs' is a gnarly speed fest with bags of intrigue and a lethal dose of character. The haunting female vocalizing interludes are hugely atmospheric.


Invictus Band

Persecution could probably best be described as general melodic heavy metal that draws from and integrates various other styles into their song composition. This includes power metal (Kill The Dogs, Spiral or See You Back), straigh melodic metal (Face To Face Part 2 or The Eclipse Of The World), even some progressive metal (Silence Of Death), and combinations of several (Face To Face Part 1). In the end, Persecution is eclectic mix of music making it an interesting listen (even with its overt anti-war sentimentality). Additionally, you can hear strong elements of European metal elements from Stratovarius to Edguy to Scorpions which also may account for the musical variety. Again, I submit it is a perfect fit for Escape Music.


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