Album— Hybrid
Release date coming soon
Label : Not Yet
Executive producer : Fitrzyk-Acard-Glo
Produced by : Fitrzyk Mikael and Chesneau Didier
Recorded at : Quark Studio
Mixed at : MII Recording Studio by Chesneau Didier
Mastered by : Bruno Gruel
Cover Art Work : Invictus
Band Photos : Cacaux Yannis

  1. - Shine
  2. - Insane
  3. - A portrait
  4. - My unconquerable soul
  5. - New hope
  6. - Absence
  7. - You
  8. - Criminal
  9. - No man
  10. - Tomorrow
  11. - Slower and deeper
  12. - Believe
  13. Crystal memories

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With an impressive array of 13 new songs Invictus are ready to take the world by storm once again. A heavy song with massive groove, high quality sound and very contempory. Modern and massive groove... Headbangable!


Invictus Band

With help of : Bruno Gruel - ELEKTRA MASTERING - Grammy Awards nominee of « Best Dance Recording » & winner of « Best Non-Classical, Remixed Recording » : When love Takes Over (David Guetta/Kelly Rowland. Didier Chesneau is a French guitarist (Lag/Elixir/Larrivée/Rocktron), composer (NTS/Wagram), sound engineer and director (Universal, Wagram, EMI, SPV). Norman Coast Entertaimnent is a media production company dedicated to helping its clients find creative solutions to their needs in the entertainment and media production fields. Director of Photography : Cacaux Yannis


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