In 1996, exceptional guitar player Mikael Fitrzyk formed INVICTUS (then, under the name QUARK7) - soon, he gathered talented musicians around him. Even the first pieces, still influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen, UFO and Savatage, impressed with their elegant and original mixture of progressive, symphonic and melodic Metal parts. The music and the band carried a fair amount of aggression, too - everybody could witness that at the first INVICTUS live gigs, where fists flew regularly - the result of that: in many places, they weren´t allowed to play. But, hey, that´s Rock´n´Roll...

The guys weren´t bored, anyway, because after some line-up changes, QUARK7 produced their first album « Fly Away » which didn´t get he attention it would have deserved. In 1999, they released « Once Upon A crime », again self-produced. Outstanding reviews from all kinds of magazines from Norway, Japan, England, Germany, Sweden and Brazil finally lead to a distribution deal with Black Cat. In February 2002, they locked themselves up in the Melody Studios in Paris to record their third album « Black Heart » - with the help of producer Didier Chesneau. At the same time, they signed a deal with Limb Music Products. « Black Heart » will be N°1 in Japan in 2003.

2003 : "Black Heart" became No.1 with the import disk chart in JAPAN ("BURRN ! July issue" ). N° 26 in June N° 1 in July N° 21 in August N° 30 in September N° 22 of Year 2003.

In 2009, the quartet are back with « Persecution », and signed a new deal with Escape Music. in 2014, With an impressive array of 13 new songs Invictus are ready to take the world by storm once again. A heavy song with massive groove, high quality sound and very contempory called « Hybrid ».