Quark Once Upon A Crime

Once Upon A Crime

Album — Once Upon A Crime
Release date : Dec. 12, 2000
Label : Self-Production.

14 tracks - 68 minutes. "Once upon a Crime" is the first album of own-produced QUARK. It presents 14 rich and diversified titles which received favorable critics at the international press and the fans.

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Invictus Black Heart

Black Heart

Album — Black Heart
Release date : March 08, 2003
Label : LMP (GER).

Be It the punchy double bass drum attacks, the gripping vocals, the hyper-melodic pieces or the blistering guitar duels, this Frensh metal commando covers all different classic aspects within their metallic realms neatly and should leave definitely no metal fan, whether traditional or melodic heavy metal or bombastic power metal of the new millennium, you name it, disappointed. National and international success guaranteed with "Black Heart".

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Invictus Persecution


Album — Black Heart
Release date : April 14, 2009
Label : Escape Music (GB).

Persecution could probably best be described as general melodic heavy metal that draws from and integrates various other styles into their song composition.

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Invictus Hybrid


Album — Hybrid
Release date : coming soon
Label : not yet.

With an impressive array of 13 new songs Invictus are ready to take the world by storm once again.

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